Ready, steady...

It was supposed to be a job like any other. Painting walls here, laying some tiles there, a bit of moving the furniture. But it turned out that the mysterious building had a different plan for Tools Up Co. Only getting to the top and renovating all the flats on the way can help solve this mystery!

Play alone or with friends in a crazy and intense couch co-op mode. Only good cooperation allows you to complete your goals and unlock new apartments that require renovation! Make it on time to earn stars to unlock new levels and skins for your cheerful characters. There is no time to stop!

Demo available now on Steam, Xbox, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

No time to stop!
Paint walls, tear off wallpaper, and move couches against the clock! Time Attack (New Game+) will provide players who have finished the base game with an elevated challenge!
Great co-op experience
Play alone or with friends (up to 4 people) - Campaign Mode offers challenges tailored to a given number of players, while Party Mode allows you to choose any apartment you like.
Awesome ...wait for it... humor!
Renovate like there is no tomorrow - the Tools Up Co. team tears off wallpapers, paints walls, lays tiles, installs doors and more.
Unique graphic design
As if painted with the same paint roller the characters are using!
One to rule them all
Who has the blueprint, has the power - only one person can hold the makeover plan and control the camera. Cooperation brings good results!
Challenge yourself!
6 different settings - climb the floors of the mysterious skyscraper, discover its secrets and face new surprises that alter the gameplay.
Trust me, I paint walls...
Let's paint like there
is no tomorrow!