Welcome to Tree House! Over 15 levels you’ll encounter new gameplay mechanics and learn to use new tools. You’ll also meet a new character, Raccoon. Will you be able to solve the mystery of his strange behavior?

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!


New tools!

Master new tools such as a garden hose, scissors, shovels, and much more!

New levels!

Set off on a tree house adventure! Take on bosses and discover many new mechanics that will challenge you and your crew.

many ways to fix a tree house!

Lawn mower, where's my lawn mower?! ... Gone? Just use your hands! Garden Party keeps things interesting by offering more than one way to complete tasks.

coming soon!

More features coming soon!

“In a family this is a great way to play together.”


“Fun co-op for all ages.”

Push Square

“Chaotic renovation feast among friendship-destroyers (AKA party games).”