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Tools Up!


New tools!

Master new tools such as a garden hose, scissors, shovels, and much more!

New levels!

Set off on a tree house adventure! Take on bosses and discover many new mechanics that will challenge you and your crew.

many ways to fix a tree house!

Lawn mower, where's my lawn mower?! ... Gone? Just use your hands! Garden Party keeps things interesting by offering more than one way to complete tasks.


Episode 2 brings even more tools and mechanics to the game such as pickaxe, rake, water pipes, lava ponds and more


Each Episode brings a new challenging opponent. You’ve met troublesome Raccoon and Hole Mole, now meet a Stinky Smog.

All The Tools!

Discover even more new mechanics and 15 new crispy fall levels in Episode 3: Home Sweet Home and help Tools Up Co. finish their job in the tree house at last.

“In a family this is a great way to play together.”


“Fun co-op for all ages.”

Push Square

“Chaotic renovation feast among friendship-destroyers (AKA party games).”